Wednesday, September 5, 2012

I'm back!!!! FINALLY!!!! Wow it's been way too long! I'm hoping to get back into the blogging thing! Just a quick update. We moved into our house this last December! Finally getting settled in, unpacking boxes that you haven't seen in almost 3 years was quite the fun adventure :) I had a lot more kitchen stuff then I thought I had haha. Heston started 4th grade this year and Easton is growing up way too fast, he will be 2 in November! I am now a stay at home Mom :) I do hair at home and still do hair once a week in PG. I started working for a company called Spark where I do email support from home 3 hours a day! Not bad! It feels good to be back in the blogging world!

Monday, July 11, 2011

LONG POST!! 21-33 weeks

It has been FOREVER. I have not had any time at all to blog! Talk about HUGE catch up. I decided to sum everything up that has happened in the last 3 months! I will do another post tomorrow for 34 & 35 weeks. I will try and be good and update weekly or every week...we'll see haha. I can't believe how fast Easton is growing up! He has quite the little personality and he makes us laugh everyday.

*4 month check up just under 14lbs. 271/4 inches long. 99% for height
*6 month check up just under 17lbs. 29 inches long. 99% for height. *Can drink apple juice now.
*You are sitting up so good on your own. Reach for toys on the floor, roll around to get to things and kick to move yourself in circles.
*You notice little details. (when you were 7 months you were sitting in the kitchen in between Grandpa Taufer’s legs and you noticed your shadow, you would reach to grab it on the tile, scratch at it, then lift your arm up in the air and slowly wave your fingers watching your shadow. *You love animals (you love Odie your hands start waving when he comes around You growl and squeal growl trying to get any animals attention including stuffed animals)
*First ear infection was on June 1, it was a big suprise for mom because you weren't pulling on your ears or had symptoms for it*You play with your hair and rub our faces or backs with your “little wave”
*Your first tooth popped through June 12 (Bottom right)
*You started a new sound and your first word is DA DA 7 months
*You light up when your brother Heston walks in the room and you study his every move. You also love all little kids and get very entertained by them.
*We started you on baby food a couple weeks before your 6 month appointment and you are not a fan. You will eat most of the flavors but you gag because of the texture. A week before you turned 7 months, you will eat any baby food flavor with no problem.
*You know what drinks are with straws and you love to have water when we are out to eat, we will sneak a little pop to you for a small taster. You also want to taste anything off our plate. Sometimes we will let you suck on fruit, pickles, I give small tastes of beans from Joe Bandido.
*Since 4 months old you have been waving bye bye, first starting with your hand slowly opening and closing now it’s your hands waving up and down with the whole arm going. Lately when you walk in a room with people in it you raise your hand in the hair “What’s up”
*You give low fives and high fives since 7 months old.
*You lay and kick on the floor and wave your arms like crazy making noises and we call it the doggy paddle.
*You give loves to Mom and Grandmas on the cheek but you turn your head to the side for Grandpas and Dad because they are scruffy.
*You still aren’t sure about Papa with his cowboy hat, but you like to wear it!
*You love the swing on Amber’s(babysitter)back porch. You can be in that thing all day.
*You are LOVE empty water bottles.
*You love being outside. Going on walks with Grandma Rob and being outside watching the dogs and horses.
*left bottom tooth popped out week after first one popped through. (Two bottom teeth, little chompers ha)
*Everything goes straight to your mouth. Including your feet and you suck on your big toe.
*You like to pull of dad’s hat and sunglasses.
*You LOVE bath time. We bath you in the kitchen sink right now, Grandma’s jetted tub is too deep or Mom to bend over. You kick, splash, pull the sprayer and grab the faucet.

June 2011 (7 months)

(Growling at Odie)

(First "sick" doctor visit for ear infection)

May 2011 (6 months)

(Classic eating baby food for the first month face-haha)

April 2011 (5 months)

(First Hat)

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Tuesday Takes (weeks 18, 19 & 20)

Week 18 (Stacey's little boy Peyton! haha they are pretty much the same size & Peyton will be 2 in July) Week 19 (1st haircut & 1st cereal)

Week 20

These past few weeks have been quite eventful. We fed you rice cereal for the first time on Saturday March 26th. You licked the spoon like a dog and also sucked on the spoon and would chomp your cheeks up and down. So cute and fun to watch! By the third time we fed you cereal you would wave your arms and get excited and say "Ooo" when I wasn't giving it to you fast enough. You are slowly getting the hang of how the spoon works but it's still fun watching you suck on the spoon and " chomp your cheeks." You had your first haircut on Monday March 28 by Mom. Dad held onto the bumbo to make sure it wouldn't fall off the stool with all of your wiggling. You looked SO cute in your with your little head poking out of the cutting cape. You LOVE your saucer and LOVE to lay on your back and just kick, squeal away, and you get kicking so much that you manage to slowly move in circles! You have your eye on something and arch your back and bend your head way backwards and attempt to roll over onto your tummy. You have succeeded once! Good job bud! you LOVE your chains, you shake them like crazy now to where you whip Mom, Dad or yourself. they are also your mojths best friends along with your fists. You are alowly discovering your feet, on April 5 in the morning you noticed the puppy dogs on the feet of your jammies and you were very curious what they were and slowly reached and grabbed at them. You are not to sure about Grandpa Jim when he wears his cowboy hat, but he is one of your best pays when he doesn't have it on. In the mornings you are waking up talking to yourself rather then grunting/starting with a cry....unless you are super hungry in the morning you want your bottle NOW! (which is totally understanding!) You are a little flirt, our first day back to church on Sunday the 27th, you were smiling the "flirt" smile with all the ladies haha. We can't believe how fast you are growing up! Your little personality just shines more and more each day!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Tuesday Takes week 17

This past weekend I went and got Easton's pictures taken! I love how they all turned out! He was so cute with the girls taking his pictures. He would talk back at them and then smile haha it was hilarious. He was getting sick of pictures when he was in his blessing outfit. With my sister, Aunt Stacey to the rescue he smiled at her and we were able to wrap it up! This past week Easton is grabbing things, especially his little colorful chain toy, his burp rag haha and he hold his hand up to his head and hold his hair. He is such a little character, his personalities keeps shining through more and more each week. We put him in his bumbo and he will sit in it for about 5 minutes and he has had enough. But he looks around like he is Mr. Big Stuff! We also put him in his saucer and he thought that was so cool, he slowly moved the chair around by kicking his feet and his eyes would go really big when he would discover new toys on the saucer. He was more interested in kicking back, sucking on his fists in the saucer. Which was so funny to watch. That lasted about 20 minutes and he was done. I can't believe our little man turns 4 months this Thursday! Time is flying by way too fast! But we are loving every minute of it!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Easton's Blessing

This weekend we blessed Easton! My father in law had the opportunity to give Easton the blessing. He did a great job for how nervous he was! Justin was able to hold the microphone and I'm so glad he was able to be a part of it. We had such a great turn out with how far of a drive it was for family to get out there! My family has always been so supportive with events! We had to use the Fairview Senior Citizen center to fit all fam and it was great! Thank you Mom and Dad for the AMAZING smoke pulled pork sandwiches! And thank you to all the others that brought the chips, drinks, goodies etc! I couldn't of done it with out you! We also celebrated Heston's 8th Birthday!! He was so happy with all the gifts he got! My camera died in the middle of taking pictures of the family with Easton in his blessing outfit of course! That always has to happen with stuff like that right?! So I'll have to wait for copies of Heston's birthday. Thank you again everyone for coming and supporting us!

Tuesday Takes (weeks 15 & 16)

Week 15

Week 16

These past two weeks you hold onto my thumbs and with a little help you pull yourself up to where you sit up and you look around like a big boy. You still can't get enough of your fists! On Sunday, March 6, you rolled from your tummy to your back! Way to go bud! You are starting this new squeal really high and loud when you are talking, it's so funny! You get the giggles a lot more now. Especially at night when we are getting ready for bed and we have our little nightly "talks" I will say a sentence you and you will just giggle! We love it! You watch your brother like no other. When you are getting undressed out of your jammies you almost giggle and are so happy because you think you are getting in the tub(we bath at night) so when we put clothes on it breaks your heart and you cry. You were also blessed on Sunday March 6 by Grandpa Taufer!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tuesday Takes week 14

Week 14

This week has brought many more smiles and a few more little giggles! I will just look at you and smile and you will smile back at me with the "oh stop mom/shy/flirty" smile! I love it! You also are studying things more, you get your hands going, wiggling like crazy with objects in front of you but you're still not quite sure what to do. You are so close to having all of your head bobbles gone! What a big boy!